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Body and Soul Horoscopes by Oscar Cainer! Click here for your free daily horoscopes by Oscar Cainer! Click here for Patrick's free monthly Love horoscopes! Click here for Patrick's free monthly Video horoscopes! Prem Kumar Sharma! The Horoscope. Efficiency can be easily measured through income or through the ease with which you pay your debts, taxes, and so on.

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You could invest, though on a small scale, in new qualifications or specializations, but eAstrolog. When it comes to money, you should avoid any kind of speculation. See your doctor if you feel too tired, or ask for specialized counseling.

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  • You should avoid excesses of all kinds and also the attempt to overcome stress and emotional turmoil by eating, smoking or drinking too much. In July you should be more careful about medical treatments. Make sure that you understood what you have to do, what doses of medicine to take and at what times!

    Dialogue and negotiation are the best way to deal with such times. Careful what you say and how you say it, and give yourself time to clarify your feelings. Talking with your family about it could be very helpful. They might also reanalyze together with their better half the perspective of having another kid.

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    So despite a major risk of arguments and misunderstandings between July 10 and 18, after the 23rd things enter a more favorable route. So eAstrolog. You might deal with being fired, or end up having new coworkers.

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    • If you own your own business, you might have to choose between employees or to hire people, and it proves to be stressful and a source of conflict. There might be misunderstandings with business partners or you conclude that you have enemies where you least expected them. After July 17, , some Aquarians might decide to change the direction of their career, but not all decide on it with a light heart, but forced by circumstances.

      So its retrograde motion can be useful in order to redefine your money-related goals. However stressed out or unmotivated you might be at some point, you find the inner resources needed in order to move on, to find solutions. It would be best not to love too much in the past, but draw the wisdom needed from personal and professional experience and look towards the future.

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      Avoid all kinds of aggressiveness towards others, however right you might feel you are in order to act in full force! So new romance might blossom, and other relationships might end, depending on the context. What is clear is that your love life is full of defining moments.


      Give yourself time in order to understand your own feelings, to be sure about what you feel for someone. Older couples can get rid of the rut in July and rediscover the way towards intimacy, closeness, understanding, mutual trust, and passion. Try to show some restraint for the time being.

      Libra September 2019 ~ TOP 3 MUST-KNOW’S FOR LIBRA THIS MONTH! ~ Astrology ~ Horoscope

      What comes to light shortly could shine a very new light on a situation you believe to be cut and dried. You could find yourself changing your mind in a helpful way by letting a bit more time pass. More Astrology Articles. Get large page views and returning visitors! Total control in design. Easy implementation. Free Biorhythms Compatibility Chart Compare your energy level with your lover or anyone by using the Biorhythm charts.

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